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Encouraging Kids to Practice Healthy Habits in their Everyday Routines

So often the excitement of sending kids off to their first day of school is replaced by the realization that, next to homework and permission slips, the one thing your child will be sure to bring home and share with the family is germs.

When the cold or flu strikes, it can be a nuisance to the whole family, spreading from one member to another until it has gone through the entire house. While it may be tempting to send your little one to preschool in a hazmat suit, there might be an easier way to help keep germs at bay.

Introducing the Healthy Habits Guide for Busy Families

To keep germs from hitching a ride on your kids, we’ve come up with this handy guide of hygiene tips! Helping kids master these four big habits can help keep the sniffles to a minimum this year.

Each activity is easy enough for even the youngest members of the family to learn:

Nose: Sniffling constantly and wiping with your shirt sleeve are top choices for school-age kids when dealing with a runny nose. Unfortunately, these aren’t the most hygienic strategies. But any mom who has chased a kid with a tissue knows it’s not easy to get kids to blow their nose. We share tips on teaching kids to blow their own noses. Amazing, right? Click here to learn more.

Hands: Hand washing is Germ Fighting 101, but are your kids really washing their hands well enough to get them clean? We have a fun way to show your kids why good hand washing habits are important (plus, how to really get those hands squeaky clean)! Click here to learn more.

Mouth: If you haven’t experienced a child coughing or sneezing directly in your face, are you really even a parent? Needless to say, there’s a right way and a very wrong way to cough and sneeze, and it involves the unsung hero of fighting colds and flu: the elbow. Click here to learn more.

Bottom: Proper wiping is probably the toughest thing for kids to learn, but it can really help curb the spread of the sickies in your house. Check out our tips for addressing this tushy subject (see what we did there?) and make sure those germs don’t follow your little one out of the bathroom. Click here to learn more.

Ready to improve your kids’ overall hygiene?

Download our fun and educational Healthy Habits Activity Guide! It’s a free printable that you’ll receive just for signing up!

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