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Potty Training in a Time of Quarantine

Parents across the nation have decided to take advantage of the quarantine and use this stay-at-home time to potty train their toddlers. Kandoo Kids is here to help. Whether you’ve already gotten started or are thinking about taking the plunge, here are a few things you need to know about Potty Training during Quarantine.

Why it Makes Sense to Potty Train During Quarantine

If your child is ready, there’s really no better time to start potty training than when you’re already staying home. You and your child will have lots of time to get into a solid potty training routine without the added stress of using the public restroom or trying not to have an accident in the car.

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Why You May Want to Wait on Potty Training (Even During Quarantine)

While it probably seems like the perfect time to potty train your child, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right time. If your child is not showing signs of readiness, then it’s best to wait – even if the timing becomes less convenient.

If you push your child to potty train before they’re ready, you may end up potty training for months instead of just a few days. You may also find that your child develops a resistance to using the toilet – and potty training becomes delayed.

Click here to look for signs of readiness before getting started.

Why Your Child May Have Potty Regression During Quarantine

Anytime there is a change to a child’s routine or their environment becomes more stressful than normal, it’s possible for them to experience a regression in potty training. If this is the case with your child, it’s important to stay patient and encouraging.

When your child has an accident, stay positive and use it as an opportunity to gently remind her about the toilet.

It’s also important to go easy on yourself. As parents we often take on ideas about what our kids should or shouldn’t be doing and see their progress as reflections of our own parenting. Everyone is reacting to their new “normal” and potty training regression is very normal.

Click here to read all of our top tips for how to handle potty training regression.

Kandoo Kids is Here to Help

Whether you’re just getting started, you’re managing some potty training regression or you’ve decided to wait on potty training, Kandoo Kids is here to help.

Visit for all of our potty training resources.

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