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Prevent Germs from Spreading and Keep your Kids Comfortable when the Stomach Bug Hits

When the stomach bug hits your house, follow these simple steps to keep your kids comfortable while also preventing those germs from spreading!

The sound of a kid throwing up is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Especially when the sound wakes you out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night.

You immediately start assessing the damage, going into clean up mode while your mind races:

Is this a stomach bug or just a random fluke?
Maybe they just ate too much at dinner?
Is this the full-blown stomach bug or the 2-hour version? (PLEASE let it be the 2-hour version!)
Is this going to spread through our entire house?
Do I feel sick? Do I need to throw up?
How do I get puke out of carpet?
Diarrhea is coming next…

According to the CDC, Norovirus is the leading cause of the “stomach bug”.

“Norovirus is a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Anyone can get infected and sick with Norovirus. You can get Norovirus from:

  • Having direct contact with an infected person
  • Consuming contaminated food or water
  • Touching contaminated surfaces then putting your unwashed hands in your mouth”

We’ve all been there, and at the Kandoo® brand, we’re here to help. If the Norovirus hits your house, here’s what you need to do:

Quarantine the Sick Child

Quarantining sick kids is going to be one of your best lines of defense against this illness spreading throughout your entire house. If you have more than one bathroom, create a little bed on the floor and introduce your child to their new digs for the next 12 to 24 hours.

Yes, one of our Kandoo® brand parents even keeps a spare crib mattress specifically for setting up a sick-kid bed in the bathroom.

This bathroom is now for sick kids only. All other family members should use a different bathroom until further notice.

If you don’t have a separate bathroom, create a special place in the house that is for your sick child only. This might be their bedroom, the living room sofa or another area that will allow you to care for your child while keeping the other kids as far away as possible.

Wash All the Things With the Right Things

While you have the sick child quarantined, do your best to scrub every surface in your house. Light switches, remote controls, doorknobs, railings, the refrigerator handles, TOYS – anything that your sick child may have touched.

Basically your entire house.

And here’s the really bad news. Most products do NOT kill Norovirus.

Disinfecting wipes and the majority of household cleaners do NOT kill Norovirus.

One option is to use a diluted bleach solution. You’ll spray your diluted bleach solution, let it sit for five minutes and then scrub with soap and water.

Another product we’ve found that does the job (and also protects against Influenza A and Strep), is Purell Disinfectant Spray. You can buy a 3-pack on Amazon Prime.

And don’t forget the laundry. All towels, blankets and clothing that have been exposed to Norovirus need to be washed on the highest possible setting to kill the germs.

Wash Hands Again and Again

This is a great time to reinforce great hand washing habits with your entire family. Your very best defense against a contagious stomach bug is being diligent about this.

Remind your kids to wash for long enough, and to use soap every time. Click here to help teach your kids how to properly wash their hands.

And don’t forget to use Kandoo® Foaming Hand Soap. The fun scents and brightly colored foam will make your kids want to wash their hands.

Keep Your Sick Kids Comfortable

Be sure to check in with your doctor if you’re worried about dehydration or if your child develops a fever along with their symptoms. This is a sign that it might be something other than Norovirus that could require medical attention.

Norovirus can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Keep Kandoo® Flushable Wipes on hand to get those bottoms up to 30% cleaner than toilet paper. Made with aloe, Kandoo® Flushable Wipes will also be soothing on your child’s bottom – which can get raw and painful with repeated episodes of diarrhea.

Once the stomach bug hits, you’ll want to limit food and beverages until it’s over – usually in 12 to 24 hours. During that time, try to encourage small sips of water when possible, or an ice cube every hour so that your child doesn’t get dehydrated.

If your child is hungry, stick to the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, apples, rice and toast) for the first 24 hours. This will help their body ease back into digestion.

Screen Time for All

A stomach bug outbreak is a great excuse to break all of your screen time rules. As long as they don’t poop or puke on it, let your sick kid play on a tablet all day or watch TV.

Basically, say yes to anything that will keep them comfortable and entertained in their quarantined area while you clean and clean and clean.

Once the Puking and Diarrhea Have Stopped – WAIT

The CDC recommends that your sick child stays home two days after symptoms have ceased. This not only helps protect others from catching Norovirus, this also helps your child fully recover and not pick up another bug before their immune system is back to normal.


If your family is prone to the stomach bug, or you just want to be as prepared as possible, here are our recommendations for stocking up now. Add these products to your Amazon Prime cart to be ready when the vomit and diarrhea start flowing.

This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your doctor if you or your child is sick.

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