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Potty Training Regression

Potty training regression is more common than you think. It can also be a frustrating part of parenting. Whether you’re a seasoned mom with successful potty training methods, or you just finished potty training your first toddler, regression is always a possibility. Here are some tips and ideas to help get your child back on track with potty training.

How to Handle Potty Training Regression

1. Be patient and encouraging.
Your child just went through a major transition in life (learning to use the potty), and now she’s backsliding. Before you get to the root of the problem, it’s important to be gentle and to not let any disappointment show. When she has an accident, stay positive and use it as an opportunity to gently remind her about the toilet.

It’s also important to go easy on yourself. As parents we often take on ideas about what our kids should or shouldn’t be doing and see their progress as reflections of our own parenting. You are not alone in feeling discouraged and befuddled by your child’s regression.

2. Determine whether or not it is true regression.
A newly potty-trained toddler can have several accidents throughout the week and not be “regressing.” Another thing to consider if there are multiple accidents is that your child isn’t totally potty trained. Maybe you thought you were done with this particular lesson, but your child may still be in need of teaching. No matter how “successful” your method, your child is still learning and will have occasional accidents. Actual regression is demonstrated by recurring weeks of consistent accidents after going for several weeks without any accidents.

3. Find out why your child is regressing.
If your child is truly potty trained there will be a reason why he or she is reverting back to old behaviors. The first thing to determine is whether or not the regression is a symptom of a larger medical problem, so be sure to start by talking with your pediatrician.

After ruling out any possible medical causes, it’s time to look at emotional and psychological triggers for regression.

Some common causes of regression include:

  • A sudden change in daily routine
  • New schools, teachers, or babysitters.
  • A pregnant mom, or a new baby coming home.
  • Experiencing constipation or diarrhea.
  • A lack of attention.

4. Validate them.
Once you have figured out the cause for their regression, validate your child’s feelings by acknowledging and talking about them.

Empathize with them about their confusion, disappointment, and fear. Remember that this is a new season for them and they count on you to get them through it. Your child needs to know that even if they can’t quite express their frustration, you understand and hear them.

5. Enlist their help in making a new plan.
It’s a good idea to reignite their interest by involving them in the new potty-training plan. Find out what they would like for a reward whether it’s a sticker chart, extra stories at bedtime, or a few jellybeans every time they go in the potty. Our Potty Training Toolkit has a great sticker reward system to help get your little one back on track.

Regression is disappointing, but it is not failure. Once you can pinpoint why regression is happening you have half the problem solved!

Potty Training Doesn’t Have to Stink!

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