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The Best Potty Training Books

Reading potty training books together is a great way to encourage your children to ditch the diapers for good. Get started with this list of the best potty training books for boys, for girls, for toddlers and even some great tips for mom and dad.

The Best Potty Training Books

From stories featuring classic characters to books for mom and dad, there is a book about potty training for everyone on this list.

A Potty Time Story for Kids
Your kids will love following Diddit the frog on his potty training journey in It’s Potty Time, a free story book for kids. You can find the story of Diddit, the Kandoo Frog, here.

Potty training story for kids

Gender Neutral Potty Training Books

Potty by Leslie Patricelli. This is a great board book with Leslie’s signature gender neutral bald baby. It features text perfect for toddlers to understand (it’s a simple story) and big bright illustrations.

Time To Pee! by Mo Willems. In this book, mice use banners and signs to tell children exactly what they need to do when they feel the urge to go potty. Willems outlines the steps in a very detailed manner from lifting the seat (for boys) to washing your hands.

Dinosaur VS. The Potty by Bob Shea. This book introduces the concept of using a potty, but isn’t an instructional book. The dinosaur has drank too much but can he hold it before he has to go? The fun text in this book is meant to be read aloud and will have your kids ROARING about using the potty in no time!

Potty Training Books Featuring Beloved Characters

P is for Potty by Random House. This is a sturdy board book featuring Elmo and other characters from Sesame Street. What’s great about it is that it’s a sturdy board book and has lift the flaps on every page that will keep your child entertained while they sit on the potty.

Daniel Tiger Goes to the Potty by Maggie Testa. This hardcover book is an adaptation of a very popular episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This book emphasizes that there are lots of places where you can use the potty beyond your house and features a fun “flush” button for kids to push.

Caillou: No More Diapers by Christine L’Heureux. This book features preschooler Caillou, who is learning to use the potty at night. If you’ve already mastered day time potty training and are ready to move into night time training, your child will connect well with this story.

Potty Training Books for Boys

The Potty Book for Boys by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. This hardcover book features Henry, a little boy who goes through the process of learning to use the potty. From seeing his parents bring home the potty to sitting on it and even having an accident on the floor, your son will identify with this book.

Even Firefighters Go Potty by Wendy Wax. This is a sturdy paged book with lift the flaps that is sure to keep your little one engaged. The fireman is on his way to put out a fire at the zoo, but first he’s got to go potty! If you’ve got a child who loves community workers, this book will be a hit in your house!

Super Hero Potty Time by Sue DiCicco. This is a fully interactive book with lots of tabs, flaps, and wheels to help keep your child entertained while he or she sits on the potty (we know girls like superheroes too!). It tells the story of a superhero who needs to use the potty, and kids will have a blast using the tabs to help move the story along.

—> Be sure to read our helpful advice specific to potty training boys!

Potty Training Books for Girls

The Potty Book for Girls by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. This book was written by the same author as The Potty Book for Boys and follows a similar storyline. On this time, instead of Henry as a main character, there is a little girl named Hannah.

Princess Potty by Samantha Berger. This book is great for the princess obsessed little one in your life and comes with a tiara and stick on jewels. The language in this book is really fun and fancy. My favorite line is this…”Hear ye, hear ye, I have to pee-pee!”

Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin. This is a fun and lighthearted story about a little girl who is excited about wearing big girl panties. This book also focuses on other things big girls get to do. While it doesn’t focus specifically on potty training, it reinforces the concept that the diapers are gone and the fun undies are here!

Potty Training Books for Mom and Dad

Potty Training In 3 Days: 23 Proven Hacks That Will Make Your Toddlers Potty Training So Much Easier by Anna Nelson. This book has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon and is full of great advice and things to consider as you potty train your child. The author gives tons of suggestions and then encourages the reader to consider what might work best for their child and implement those strategies. In other words, potty training isn’t a one size fits all thing!

—> If you’re considering the 3-day potty training method, be sure to read this first.

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Nathan Azrin. This book was first published in the 1970s and has since sold over 2 million copies. This book features a very specific program and has an academic tone to it. If you’re looking to try a “schedule” this book might be for you.

—> Click here to read more about potty training schedules.

That’s How I Roll (A hilarious, but fool proof, take on potty training) by Rachel Poslick Jaques. The author of this book isn’t a doctor or an academic, but rather a real mom who came up with her own method after training three children and juggling a busy life. It is a funny and practical read that’s full of great real life advice.

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers by Elizabeth Pantley. Pantley is likely best known for her popular book on sleep and takes the same gentle approach when it comes to potty training. Potty training doesn’t have to be stressful and in this book she offers great tips for potty training as well as bathroom safety check lists and a child readiness quiz.

Potty Training Doesn’t Have to Stink!

If you’re potty training your child, Kandoo is here to help. Follow the three steps below to receive all of the potty training support we have to offer.

1. Get Potty Training Resources

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Potty training doesn't have to stink! Sign up for our 12-week potty training program for free potty training tips, hacks and support. From the very basics to how to handle potty training regressions, poop problems and wiping, we’ve got answers to your questions.

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