Introducing the Kandoo App

Are you ever at a loss for productive kid activities? Do you have problems finding age appropriate content for your baby to 4 year old? Introducing the Kandoo App powered by Productive Parenting. An easy to use tool that gives you simple, productive activities that you can do with your child.

Exclusively for iPhone

Using the App

Begin by downloading the free Kandoo app to your iPhone or iPod from the Apple app store. Open the app and follow these steps to get started.

Step #1

Enter your information so we can learn more about you.

Submit your info and head to the next step.

Enter your child's name and birthday and let's get started. Each activity is tailored to your child's development age, so it's important to know exactly how old your child is.

Step #2

Step #3

Choose an activity for your child, add another child or find out more about Kandoo products, our Special Offers and some helpful Tips & Tools for parenting.

Once you choose an activity, our app will select an
age-specific activity that will help your little one learn and grow. You can also select new activities and "Pin it" to your board for others to enjoy.

Step #4