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5 Vacation Travel Tips with Kids

By Selena Robinson at Look! We’re Learning!

Summer is here! And it’s the perfect time to take a family vacation! Many families use summer break as a time to travel with their kids, but even if you’re a veteran traveler, you can always use some additional vacation travel tips with kids.

If you’d like to make this year’s family vacation the best one yet, try these tips to make your travels easier!

Summer is the perfect time to take a family vacation but sometimes traveling with kids can be a little hectic, especially if it's their first long trip. To make sure your travels go a smooth as possible, follow these 5 tips.

1. Keep them entertained. Little ones get bored so easily that keeping them entertained will make it easier for you to reach your destination, especially if you’re taking a road trip. Bring along books, dry erase boards and markers, and favorite toys to help them wait out the ride. Be sure to pack snacks and drinks too!

2. Take it slow. If you’re traveling by car, take a lot of bathroom and sightseeing breaks. Sitting for a long period of time is rough on any traveler, including kids. Try to stop at least every couple of hours to stretch and use the bathroom.

3. Stop and smell the roses. When you’re planning your route, try to pass by points of interest that you can explore briefly along the way. Roadside attractions and state parks are simple ways to break the monotony of a long car ride.

4. Learn simple travel games. Break out the classic travel games as you ride along! Play “I Spy” and encourage the kids to look for things that they can easily spot. If you’re riding in the car, play the “License Plate Game” and try to spot a license plate from every state in the country!

5. Stock up on necessities before you leave! Above all, make sure you stock up on your travel necessities before you take off. Whether your little one is still potty training, or just needs to keep clean, Kandoo Wipes are a definite travel necessity. Stock up here.

With these travel tips, your kids (and you) will have an awesome and memorable family vacation this year!

Meet the Author

Selena - head shotSelena Robinson is a homeschooling graduate, an English major, and a veteran homeschooling mom to four. She, her husband, and three of their kids are all living with ADHD, so the family’s life is pretty interesting! You can read about their adventures each week at Look! We’re Learning!

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