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Fabulous Hair Care Tips and Facts for Kids

“Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair/Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen/Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer/Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy” – Hair, the musical

Whether your child has long hair, short hair, curly or straight hair, these basic hair care tips and facts will help keep their manes in tip top shape!

From washing to drying and brushing to curling, straightening to spiking or moussing to gelling, there’s a great deal you can do with your kiddo’s hair but that doesn’t always mean they’ll let you.  For hair is a very personal accessory; some kids want to flaunt it and some kids want to bury it under a hat.  And quite often, you just want to tell Rapunzel to let down her hair already so we can get this done and not go to school with a severe case of bedhead!

Whether your kids want hair with flair or they prefer a minimalist buzz cut, caring for hair is something we do most every day … Read on for the long and short of it.  Then grab a comb and get after it.

The Basics:  Hair Care Edition

  1. How frequently your child washes their hair is up to you.  If their hair is oily, if they’ve been swimming, playing sports, or even rolling down a grassy hill, a good hair scrubbing may be in order.  If their hair is dry, washing may occur less frequently.
  2. Teach your child to use their fingertips vs. fingernails when washing their hair for a gentle yet effective clean.
  3. If your child doesn’t like getting their face wet, help them wash and rinse their hair so as to avoid getting their face too wet.  Using a tear-free conditioning shampoo like Kandoo Shampoo so you only have to wet and rinse hair one time (vs. two with traditional shampoos and conditioners) is a comforting and time-saving option.
  4. For longer hair that has a tendency to tangle, use a gentle detangler after washing such as Kandoo Detangler.  Comb through hair beginning at the ends (in a downward motion) and gradually work up the hair shaft.  Remember to clean your combs and brushes every few weeks!
  5. Teach your child that the most important thing they can do for their hair is to keep it clean and treat it gently regardless of their hair type (dry, curly, straight, or oily).

Hair Hair Everywhere

Here are some interesting facts about human hair that you can share with your kiddo(s).

      • Hair is made of keratin, the same stuff fingernails are made of.
      • Hair grows at the rate of about ½ inch per month.
      • The hair on your head has a purpose.  It helps to keep your head warm and provides some cushion for your skull.
      • People have more than 100,000 hairs on their head.
      • About 50 to 100 hairs fall out of your head each day but new hairs are constantly growing and replacing the hairs that have fallen out.
      • Hair comes in many colors and textures and is determined by your genes.
      • Boy’s hair grows more quickly than girl’s hair.
      • Human hair grows faster in warm weather (vs. cold).
      • Regular haircuts keep hair healthy by protecting the ends from becoming spit or damaged.
      • Our diets can affect our hair.  When we eat a diet rich in nutrients like protein, iron, and vitamin E, our hair looks, feels, and is healthier.

Whether your child has long hair, short hair, curly or straight hair, these basic hair care tips and facts will help keep their manes in tip top shape!

Hair-Raising Books for Kids

Have more fun with hair!  Check out the following children’s books about mane adventures.

    • Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg
    • Cowlick! By Rosalind Beardshaw
    • I Love My Hair! by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
    • Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair by Lee Fox
    • Hubert’s Hair Raising Adventure by Bill Peet
    • The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School by Laurie Halse Anderson
    • Hairs/Pelitos by Sandra Cisneros
    • Fancy Nancy: Hair Dos and Hair Don’ts by Jane O’Connor
    • Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom by John Rocco
    • Nappy Hair by Carolivia Herron
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