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How to Use Kandoo Wipes with Cloth Diapers

By Carolyn at According to Carolyn. 

Did you know Kandoo Wipes aren’t just perfect for potty training, but can also be used when your little one is still in diapers? If you’re using cloth diapers, have no fear- we have some tips for you to make the most out of your diaper and to stay clean during the process of diaper changing and washing!

Tips for using Kandoo Wipes with cloth diapers, that will have you and your little one feeling clean!


Kandoo Wipes and Cloth Diapering

Kandoo Wipes are great if you use reusable cloth diapers because they make keeping clean easy- and they’re flushable!

  1. Once your baby starts eating solids, you can easily use Kandoo wipes to help plop solid waste into the toilet. You can drop the used wipe into the toilet too as they are flushable and biodegradable.
  2. For the big messes, you can use Kandoo wipes that will leave your baby’s bum clean and soft, not irritated by a bunch of chemicals like other wipes can do, and then you can toss the dirty wipes into the toilet. Putting baby wipes in the trash can be a hassle with the smell if you don’t take your trash out daily so, it’s very convenient that Kandoo Wipes are flushable!
  3. If you use a sprayer when cleaning waste off diapers, having a pack of Kandoo Wipes handy by the toilet can help you clean up the spray mess quickly, and then toss into the toilet.  
  4. You may also use a Spray Pal or your own version of it, to protect you from the crazy spray backs when spraying off your diapers. And since it always gets dirty after spraying off diapers, use a Kandoo Wipe to give it a good wipe down after each use to help keep it clean!
  5. You can have Kandoo Wipes handy by the washer, so after you put them in the washer you can wipe your hands off after touching the diapers and outside of your washer.  

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Meet the Author

Carolyn MilesCarolyn is a 20-something homemaker and aspiring crunchy mama to a wonderful, handsome, and exhausting son, Tonio! She is a stay at home mom and a natural parenting, attachment parenting, co sleeping, breastfeeding advocate!

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